DID SOMEONE SAY RWBY AND DRAGONS SOMEONE SAID RWBY AND DRAGONS I AM HERE FOR THIS. I live for dragon knight aus i love them they are the best thing ever there are never too many dragon aus (xekstrin is amazing)


so Ruby and Yang are the dragons in this and they’re both half western/eastern, and with dragons the mum lays the eggs and cares for them and once they hatch its all on the daddy, so Dragon!Yang and Dragon!Ruby grew up together with their eastern dragon dad and are super close.

(i headcannon that both Yang and Ruby share the same dad in the show and he’s their world’s version of Chinese and Ruby got her looks from him, height, facial shape ect, whereas Yang, who spend her childhood w their dad while Ruby was with her mum, got more the personality of their dad, happy-go-lucky and relaxed and loyal. Once Ruby’s mother died she came to live with them so Ruby has her mother’s last name while Yang has their dad’s)

Yang has the Western body shape and wings and can breathe fire, by swallowing lightning like a badass, but she has an eastern’s dragons fluff (even her wings have fur!) and is horribly proud of it, don’t mess with the mane! Ruby however looks the most eastern with whiskers and antlers, and she can make plants grow when she concentrates though mostly what grows is roses. But Ruby’s main strength is how fast she is, she’s very flexible and while she can’t ‘fly’ she can jump and glide and move super quick. Yang’s built more for sustained, long flight and can’t maneuver very well in the air, she’s not designed for tricks like Ruby is, Ruby can loop the loop and turn so tight she nearly ties herself in knots.   

So Ruby and Yang both want to be part of the dragon knights and go off to train and to get paired up with riders but Yang can’t find a human who fits with her and gets a bit depressed about it while Ruby runs around for a while after Knight Trainee Weiss. 

They met while Ruby was human and Weiss somehow missed Ruby’s antlers (which she has while human looking) and they had their argument and Weiss went away thinking Ruby was a stupid kid and Ruby went away knowing she’d found her knight. At the first meetup between dragons and knights Ruby (as a dragon) approaches Weiss and while at first it looks like its gonna work Weiss isn’t impressed by Ruby’s flying abilities. Ruby CAN fly, but not for long and its a real strain for her to get to a good height. Then Weiss finds out Ruby’s the dolt who ran her down and it all goes wrong.

Ruby tries to get Weiss to reconsider but it’s the knights who technically chose dragons to try pairing with and there’s some angst while Weiss tries paring with practically every dragon there EXCEPT Ruby. Finally Weiss goes flying with Yang and Yang is just Not Feeling It and tips Weiss off. She was totally planning on catching her again, but before she can Ruby practically teleports up there somehow and catches Weiss and FORCES Weiss to fly with her and pulls out all the tricks she knows. by the time they get to the ground Weiss is feeling a little seasick but accepts that maybe Ruby isn’t that bad and agrees to try pairing with her.

Meanwhile Yang cannot find someone she wants to pair with, and mostly follows Ruby and Weiss around, growling at Weiss when she’s a bit short with Ruby. Weiss finally has enough and starts ranting about Ruby and all her faults and Yang’s smothering and she wanted to pair with Ruby only not her stupid sister too and Ruby jumps to Yang’s defense and they have a massive fight and Ruby flies away. 

Yang finds out that Ruby’s missing and panics and makes Weiss pair up with her to find Ruby. Weiss was getting kinda worried herself so doesn’t protest too much and they go on a series of hilarious adventures looking for Ruby and learning about acceptance or some bonding shit.

Meanwhile Ruby has been picked up by Blake, a Faunus Dragon Knight whose last dragon, Adam, died due to her not spotting an attack. Blake left her unit feeling really shitty and useless and wandered around until she found Ruby, who thinks Weiss hates her. They pair up and cheer each other up and Blake teaches Ruby how to use her speed to the best advantage.

Finally Yang and Weiss find them and Weiss lays into Ruby while Ruby cowers until she hears that Weiss is actually basically crying about how worried she was and then Ruby tries to smother her with affection. the whole time Yang and Blake are staring at each other like loons until Blake finally (and really formally) asks if Yang would mind trying a partnership. Yang is basically dragon blushing and mumbling well i guess we could try i mean if you don’t mind pleasE DRAGON GOD YES and they all go back to Beacon together and become the best Dragon Knight team ever and make out a lot or something.